In the show jumping scene, Sven is considered a gifted stylist and stands for fair dealings with his partner, the horse. He focuses on a gentle use of his horses and compassionate riding.

He also brings this principals closer to his students in their daily work.  “Sven is a trainer who values solid dressage work and gymnastics. Faster, higher, further at any price – that’s not possible with him”, this is how Michael Zipperle, a long-time customer and horse owner, sums up the stable philosophy at the Engelsberghöfen.

The Schlüsselburg family settled in the scenic vineyards of the Schozachtal valley in the year of 2000. Here in Ilsfeld there are currently about 50 horses, most of them owned by the Schlüsselburg family.

Several staff members take care of grazing, paddock management, individual feeding and exercising the horses.

On the Engelsberghöfen facility, only show riders are in training. They are all highly successful in the country and international tournaments as well. “We are a grown stable community and as tournament riders, we find a professional environment here to train optimally”, explains Katrin Braun, who herself successfully sits in the saddle up to Grand Prix.

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